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Cider clarity

Last season I made two batches of cider from the same fresh, untreated juice that I got from a local orchard. I sanitized the juice at 170 degrees for 15 minutes. After cooling, I added pectic enzyme and yeast nutrient. I pitched with 4184 in one and 4766 in the other. I didn’t dose with oxygen - should I have?

I racked after 4 weeks. After sitting, undisturbed, for 4 more months, neither had dropped brite. I tried cooling them to 35 degrees for two weeks and no change. I ended up fining them both and they were then crystal clear.

What else can I do to help them clear by themselves?

Don’t heat your cider. Instead treat with potassium metabisulfite 24hrs prior to pitching.
Also, keep in mind that 4766 is also a low flocculator.

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