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Cider carbonation?

what volume of carbonation is normal for cider?

Everything is normal. Cider is often served with zero carbonation. It is also sometimes petillant, which means slightly carbonated. If you use the same amount of priming sugar as for beer, it will have that same sort of carbonation that you might expect. And some ciders are overcarbonated on purpose to create more of a champagne-like beverage. So the answer is, there is no right or wrong answer – do whatever you like!

+1 on the last response. I’ve enjoyed tasty ciders at everything from totally still to heavily carbonated. If you’re looking for a start on force-carbing, try 15 psi for two weeks at between 35-40F.

+2 on Daves advice.
I prefer my cider only lighty carbed. But, everyone is different.

I’ve used the typical amount (2/3 cup for a 5 gallon batch) to prime my ciders. For me, since cider doesn’t have proteins, etc in it that would give a foamy head it is hard to see how fizzy it is, although I guess you might have a preference in the taste.

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