Cider bottle conditioning

I’m fermenting my 1st batch of apple cider. It’s a Brewers best apple cider kit that I bought from NB. I have 2 questions.

  1. Step 7 says to stir in flavor satchet after fermentation is complete then let set in fermenter a couple more days before bottling.
    Is there a reason that I couldn’t just mix flavoring in my bottling bucket?

  2. I not going to use the fizz tablets like they recommend. I plan to weigh out sugar to prime it just like I do for beer.
    What is the proper volume of CO2 for cider? 2.5-3.0???

Does it tell you what is in the flavor sachet?

I always bulk prime cider as well. There really isn’t a “proper” level, as the accepted range is anywhere from still to champagne-like. What’s your preference? I usually go for about the range you listed, around 2.7-2.8, but I like it nice and sparkling.

All it says is flavor satchet.
Thanks for the carbonation info!

As long as it doesn’t contain sugar and potassium sorbate… some wine kits back-sweeten with a flavor pack like that, but that would pretty much eliminate any bottle conditioning.