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Cider Batch #2

Pressed a bunch of apples at my grandma’s today. Just got home with the 6 gallons, dropped in 6 campden tablets an hour or so ago. Tomorrow morning it will be pectic enzyme time. Tomorrow night, yeast.

Some Cider porn:

Is that when pectin enzyme is meant to go in? I am on my first cider batch and have done 3 weeks primary on Wyeast cider blend I haven’t added any finings or adjuncts except some yeast nutrient.

If I’m planning to bottle condition, adding pectic enzyme now would probably drop all of my yeasts from suspension right?

I’m not sure. It’s what I read on the 'net, plus what an uncle told me. Add Campden, 12 hours later add Pectic Enzyme, 12 hours later add yeast. That’s what I’m going to go with on this batch.

On my other batch, I went Campden, then waited 24ish hours and pitched yeast. It sat in primary for 3 weeks, and then I racked to secondaries (split the batch in two), added pectic enzyme to both. Dropped some Cinnamon sticks in one, and a plop of honey in the other. The one with Cinnamon is fermenting heavily right now (likely from the added sugar) whereas i’m not really sure what the other one is doing. No movement in the airlock, light bubbling (which appears to be co2) on the surface. Both these patches are still ultra cloudy. It should be noted though that my first batch juice was obtained via a juicer, while the stuff from yesterday was pressed. The juice looked completely different to start.

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