Cider additives

I am going to make 4 gals of sparkling cider with apple juice and would like to know when to add the malic acid and the yeast neutrient; before primary fermentation or after?
Also I am going to use WL English Cider yeast. if i make a yeast starter , is yeast neutrient still needed?

Your Eminence,

Can you provide more info on the recipe?

I prefer staggered nutrient feedings during primary for my ciders as well as my meads.
If your acidity is in the proper range you may not need an adic addition. Using a proper blend of apple varieties will keep acidity in range.

The recipe is just Store bought apple juice and White labs English cider yeast. I actually made this 2 years ago in a 1 gallon jug. It was decent but had a bit of a yeasty flavor. I also had a few bottle bombs after secondary fermentation.