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Cider 101 - FAQs, Help String

I have a friend who does something similar. He’ll ferment the cider to dryness, then add sugar till it is just a touch sweeter than he likes before bottling it. Once the bottles have carbonated to the level he wants, then he puts them in the fridge. Seems to work for him, but I suspect he’ll end up with a bunch of bottle bombs if he even has an extended power outage.

So i have a batch that literally hasn’t moved from adding salfale dry yeast.

It’s been a few weeks with no change; I’ve taken several readings with the same results every time.

Do I add wet / Wyeast now to get it going or is that a bad idea?

If nothing else has started growing in it, it will probably be fine to add more yeast. Sounds like you got an old or abused package. Happens sometimes, though in my experience dry yeast is less likely to have problems like that than liquid.

It wouldn’t hurt to make a starter, or to proof the yeast before you pitch it. That will let you know if it is viable without having to wait.

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