Chugger pumps

I’ve been looking into getting a chugger pump and have a few questions. This is the set up I was thinking of going with in the next couple weeks: ... er-camlock

I was first wondering what people prefer or what the difference is between and inline and center line pump.
Also, this comes with a number of options for the cam locks. I’m really unsure of what set up to go with. I plan on using the pump with a Blichman Plate Chiller and also just to pump sparge water to the mash tun and wort to the kettle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve got pretty much that setup you linked to (but I didn’t buy from there, got it from and I also am using the blichmann plate chiller. I haven’t had anything else so I can’t really compare but I’m quite happy with the setup. You’ll need some additional hose and camlocks to put the chiller in the loop when cooling but that is simple enough to figure out. I’m not sure what the pro/con of the center inlet pump would be but I like the inline since I can mount it so that I know all the water is draining out.

So, using the example they have on the site am I correct in assuming for transfer of wort and sparge I would get the set up with the two “F” cam locks?

If you are considering a Chugger keep in mind their warranty is only 6 months compared the the March at 1 year. Considering a 6 month warranty is certainly not a selling point, one has to wonder why so short.

Had missed your question but yes the ‘F’ pieces would go on your kettles. If you want to put your chiller in the loop you’ll need some more silicon tubing, two more ‘F’ and 2 ‘C’ pieces.

Great! Thanks for the updated info. Now I know exactly what to save for.