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Chugger Pump Maintenance/Cleaning Video

Last time I brewed my Chugger pump made the high pitched screeching noise which usually indicates that I need to replace the teflon washer on the impeller shaft. In another thread we had briefly discussed the need to disassemble pumps for cleaning. I always just run boiling water through my system both before and after each brew session with the occasional addition of PBW and a rinse.

@TomW expressed his opinion that my process wasn’t sufficient to clean the pump after he found gunk in his pump from another manufacturer. So I decided yesterday to remove the head from my pump, check the teflon washer and document it’s state of cleanliness. Here’s the boring video of that little exercise. You’ll notice my helper, Kingston got bored very early on and left me…

I was really looking for some brew quaffing during such a delicate operation! Help to steady the nerves… Just as a Dr would do…:grin: Sneezles61


t was a little early even for me haha…besides I had a little run in with a kidney stone last friday so I’ve been alcohol free since. I’m fully recovered now so a beer is in order tonight or tomorrow!


I was digging the OSHA approved footwear. :grin: Were you still in your jammies?

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Those Minnetonka mocs are my go to footwear in the winter! Paired iwth a pair of Nike joggers and a hoody I’m good to go! haha

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What I stated:
“I had an open weekend so I decided to clean both pumps. See attached pic.
The steel head has about 8 screws needed to dissemble.
I did need to clean it inside, running water through it is not good enough when pumping wort.

There was some build up on the stealhead pump propellers…so not clean.

What Dannyboy58 stated:
“I’ve had my chugger pump apart twice in about 5 years to replace the teflon washer. It was pretty much spotless inside. If i had to take my pump apart to clean it I’d toss it in the garbage.”

Indicating that cleaning pumps frequently is nonsense.

Blickman Manual calls for cleaning the pump after each usage which I found interesting.

“After use completely disassemble the pump and soak the parts in PBW. Do NOT soak the motor in any
liquid at any time! To clean spilled wort off of the motor, use a gentle spray of warm water and dry
with a soft cloth. Then rinse the parts in hot tap water and soak the parts in StarSan. Allow the parts to
air dry and reassemble the pump for storage.”

It would be interesting to get input from others on the value of cleaning your pumps and how often.
Both for build up and also for bacteria infection (from wort).

For as long as I’ve had my pump… Let me see now… 1… 2… 3… 4…:smiley_cat: Dammit, the cat started meowing… lets start again… Keep a long story short… I haven’t ever cleaned mine… no infections either… Sneezles61


I’ve had my pump for 4 years and never had it apart once. I use it for whirlpooling on a few of my more hop forward summer beers. After I transfer, I scrub out any remaining solids from the kettle and refill with water and PBW, heat to 120 and recirc for about 20 mins. Then I dump that and refill with plain water and recirc that at 120 for another 10or so. I guess that technically means I’m cleaning it, just not breaking it down at all. :innocent:


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