Chuck says

If you’re looking for equipment and stuff, scour your local Craigslist!
I typed in “flask” initially, no hits 'cept for liquor flask, (in itself, a noble device!), then I typed in “Pyrex”, and here’s what pops up:

Dude had a couple cases of them, new, “Pyrex” brand, but he was WAY on the other side of town…Luckily, I had to be halfway there already, selling some vinyl to some record stores…So, I set up the rendezvous and paid the ridiculous sum of, ( wait for it!)
5 bucks a piece, for your starter buildin’ asses!
I snagged 10, and he says"You need some plugs for those?"
He throws in a double handful of breathable, lab quality foam plugs.

This is just a heads up for you types building a system on the cheap, however support our host here whenever the need arises!

The guy selling the stuff is a brewer, and had a cabinet FULL of lab culturing type test tubes, petri dishes, and all that other happy stuff needed for yeast culture building, modifying, creating, etc…I see his BIB setup over in the corner and he tells me “I’ve stopped drinking beer”

I was floored!

I told him to stay in touch, and I would notify folks and help him peddle his shtuff should he decide to do so.

No, about that triple plate stirrer I been needing to build…