Christmas Spice BOMM

This recipe is loosely based on wayneb’s Christmas Spiced Metheglin with a BOMM twist. I believe credit should be given where it is due.

I wanted something Christmas-sy quick, so here we go:

Christmas Spice BOMM - 1 gallon

Started by making 2 cups of tea using the following massive list of spices:
1 tsp Ancient Forest black tea
1 tsp Yerba Mate
1/4 stick cinnamon
1/8 tsp mace
2 pieces china ginger
2 allspice berries
1 clove
2 juniper berries
1/4 whole nutmeg
1/8 Star anise
1/8 Star anise seed
I let it brew on the spice for about an hour, then strained and added to carboy.

Added 3 lbs orange blossom honey to a one gallon carboy.
Added 1.5 cups apple cider.
Added the juice of 2 cuties and peels without the pith.

Added 1/4 tsp DAP and 1/2 tsp of Fermaid K. (I’ll add these again at 2/3 (1.08) & 1/3 (1.04) sugar break.)

Add 1/2 tsp K2CO3. One time addition. Increased the amount to compensate for the acidity of the fruit juice.

Added a slurry of Wyeast 1388.

I plan to add a vanilla bean and any other spices that need to be fortified post fermentation.

Better brewing through science!

Day 2
Sitting at 1.09. Added double nutrients because I’ll to busy for the rest of the week. Smells great.

Better brewing through science!

I am about to add the yeast to my 5 gal BOMM. i think ill make a 1 gal batch of this as well. that way ill have a few bottles for xmas time :cheers:

Aging improves all meads. The BOMM is no exception to this. It just happens to be good early as well!

I’ve had BOMMs 2 years old that are phenomenal.

Better brewing through science!

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