Christmas Brew

I am waaaay behing the game on getting a holiday beer underway. Anyone have any extract recipies to share for a nice spicy winter beer?

I don’t have time to do AG this weekend or next, so looking for something easy that I can do tonight… Maybe the Oatmeal Cookie BIAG from the host?


6 weeks until xmas. I haven’t tried the oatmeal cookie, but it says 6 weeks until ready and it seems like the general consenus is most beers need another week or two in the bottles.

You might be able to brew a 4 week kit and have it nicely matured in time. Brickwarmer perhaps? ... y_time=150

Though I am a novice at this, so take my opinion with that in mind. (I should just add that to my sig. :smiley: )

6lb Gold LME
1lb Crystal 120
1oz Kent Golding at 60 minutes
1lb honey @ 5 min or so

4 Cinnamon sticks, 2oz fresh ginger, 1tsp all spice, 1tsp nutmeg, 1/4tsp clove, some orange zest, or whatever else you want to add in. Add spices at 10 min. All spices freshly crushed.

I used WY 1084.

This came out very balanced. Nothing too over the top. I just brewed it again, but AG. I hope it comes out as good!