Hi -

i was working in Brazil and had something they call chopp.

the only description they could give was a “young” beer.

very tasty and seemed to be an unfiltered draft of some kind.

does anyone know particulars, such as lager or ale, grains, yeast, gravity, IBU’s, and hop schedule???


chopp means on tap, if you google chopp there is a thread on homebrewtalk that explains it.

I had seen a show about Brazil where they talked about this and I was under the impression (like Speed) that it basically meant “draft beer”. I was recently in Mexico and saw a number of taps for the standard Mexican beers (Sol, Modelo, Corona, whatever) and under the logo was the word “CHOPE” (which is the way it was pronounced on the show I watched… like the word SOAP with an ‘H’… SHOAP) so my guess is that it’s a Spanish/Portuguese word that means draft beer… something along those lines. I don’t think “young” has anything to do with it.