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Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout Problems

About three brew days back (6 weeks ago), I brewed a new recipe that I found online. The problem is, after carbonating in my keg for the past week, I take my first anticipatory sip expecting some straight up Reeces Cup beer, and I taste no peanut butter at all.

My question for the experts here is, do I need to adjust the recipe or do I need to let it age to get the peanut butter flavor to peak?

Here is the recipe I used:

9 lbs. 4 oz 2 row Pale Malt (US) (2.0 SRM)
2 lbs. Chocolate Malt (350.0 SRM)
1 lbs. Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM)
1 lbs. Flaked Oats (1.0 SRM)
1 lbs. Lactose
1 lbs. Caramel/Crystal Malt 120L (120.0 SRM)
8 oz. Caramel Malt 60L (Briess) (60.0 SRM)
8 oz. Cara-Pils (2.0 SRM)
4 oz. Cacao Nibs (Secondary for 14 days)
1 lbs. Peanut Butter Powder (Secondary for 14 days)
.25 cup Cacao Powder (Secondary for 14 days)
1 oz Tettnang Hops (4.5% Alpha) 60 min boil
1 package Whitbread Ale (Wyeast Labs #1099) with a 2000 mL starter.

I hit all of my temperatures within ± 1 degree. I hit all of my expected gravity readings (using a refractometer). I used a single infusion mash (full body). I keep my carboys in a chest freezer with the Digital Temp Controller to keep the temp at the optimum temp.

So, is it the recipe at fault here or is it my lack of patience?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve never tried peanut butter in a beer. However, I once made an IPA with toasted Maris Otter that tasted exactly like peanuts. Try using toasted Maris Otter as your base malt next time. Put the Maris Otter into a 350 F oven for like 30 minutes. Result: Peanut-flavored beer, without the peanut butter.

I’ll definitely try that next time. Thank you!

Also, on a side note, I used the powdered peanut butter (PB2) instead of actual peanut butter since I read that the oils in the peanut butter would kill head retention.

I noticed that the powdered Peanut Butter basically turned into trub at the bottom of the carboy instead of dissolving and being absorbed. I didn’t want to agitate the carboy to try and mix it though. Was this a mistake on my part?

I dunno. I’ve heard of people trying the PB2 before. I just never tasted the results to know for sure if it’s a good method or not.

Maybe dissolve in small amount of boiling water first? Like you would priming sugar? May also help to add to bottling bucket or keg.

Also a good idea! Thanks!

I am a little late to the party here, but I intend to do a similar brew this weekend. I am using Crisp Maris Otter as my base with a little flaked rye.

I am also making a slurry of 13 oz of PB2 with 600ML of White Lightning Shine.

I plan to put the slurry in the Keg (acting as a secondary) then rack to a serving keg.

I will let you know if I taste the PB2. I sure hope so as that stuff is expensive.

Same here, Dave. I’ve toasted 2-row on my pellet grill, smelled and tasted just like peanuts.

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