Chocolate Milk Stout

I just bottled my first attempt at making a chocolate milk stout. I used NB’s extract kit as a starter ( … t-kit.html) but added 1.2# of Briess Caramel 60L; I also soaked the cocoa nibs in vanilla vodka for 1-week prior to adding to the secondary and when I added it I also added all the vodka as well as the nibs. Based on my readings I’m only getting an ABV of 4.46%, does this seem low? I would have thought that the ABV would have been higher, especially with the addition of the vodka. If in the end the final product tastes good, I’m alright with that, just curious as to what y’all might think. Thanks!

What were your starting and final gravities?

How much beer did you end up with and how much vodka was added?

Brick, my OG was 1.054 and the FG was 1.020. The total amount of vodka I added was 1-cup. After bottling I ended up with a full 2-cases, usually I end up about 4 bottles short.

How are you calculating the ABV?

The increase in alcohol due to the vodka will be insignificant. Vodka is usually 40% alcohol. If you added 8 ounces of vodka then that is 3.2 ounces of alcohol. Split that up into 48 bottles and you have an increase of 0.046% ABV in your beer.

rebuiltcellars - I used the calculator on the following link

basement - I agree that the amount of vodka versus that of the beer is pretty minor, I just thought that this beer would have a higher ABV. I never brewed this type of beer before so I wasn’t sure if the lower ABV was a result of something I did wrong or if that’s what is to be expected.

Just curious how you got the contribution of the vodka from that.

I think people are missing his main question. Extract kits tend to have less fermentable qualities than all grain. In addition the lactose you added is an unfermentable. Sweet stouts are usually in the 4%-6% ABV range so you are well within the style guidlines. Without the additional vodka I have you measured at 4.45%. As previously mentioned, I think your right own target for this beer.

Josh, thanks for post. That’s what I was looking for!