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Chocolate Milk Stout?

I added the cocoa nibs to the chocolate milk stout extract kit in the secondary and all of the nibbs are just floating on the top. Is this how it works. I was thinking they would soak into the beer. I don’t want to stir the secondary at this point. Does anyone have any feedback on this process, this is my first time. Thank you.

They are beans (or at least pieces of beans that were roasted and hulled), they’ll float until they get waterlogged and then will probably sink. But they won’t dissolve.

Thats how they behave. They sink when they get saturated, thats when they really start excreting chocolate flavor.

How long does it take for the beans to be fully saturated and sink to the bottom?

I like the coco nibs and have a chocolate oatmeal stout on the nitro tap right now. Not to brag but it’s amazing!

Anyways, yours will eventually sink to the bottom but for mine I inquired on here first and a handful of people suggested soaking them in just enough vodka to cover them up for about a week before adding them to the secondary. Something about not all the flavors are soluble in water or beer. I left them in the secondary for about two weeks and then transferred to the keg. It was a bit more bitter than I expected but still great.

I will try the the vodka idea next time, sounds good.

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