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Chocolate Milk Stout - Single Stage Fermentation?

Hey folks,

So I’m still pretty new to the whole home brewing thing and have the NB basic brewing kit. My first two beers (Irish Red Ale and Caribou Slobber) came out excellent only using single stage fermentation. Right now I’ve got a Chocolate Milk Stout in the fermentation bucket for about 10 days and I think it’s done in there. Haven’t heard a bubble in a couple days.

So now I’m ready to add the cacao nibs.

The recipe seems to say that skipping the secondary fermentation is okay, and just add the nibs to the brew and seal it back up for two weeks before bottling. However, talking to my friend who’s been brewing awhile, he thought that might be a bad idea if the nibs are added on top of the yeast and kick off some additional fermentation. Like the yeast can start eating the sugar from the cacao and that could change the way the final flavor is.

So I’m looking for advice. Would it be bad to add the nibs right into the primary fermenting bucket?

Thanks in advance.

Nibs don’t have sugar and do not ferment, but they will clog your racking cane if you’re not careful. I put them in a bag for easy removal.

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