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Chocolate Milk Stout Question

I just moved a chocolate milk stout from primary to secondary. O.G. was 1.064, it was in the primary for 23 days, pitched a 1 L starter of Wyeast 1098 (British Ale Yeast). This recipe has 1lb of lactose for a 5 gallon batch. F.G. Is 1.030. It was all-grain, mashed for 75 min. At 150, mash out at 170 for 10 min., 60 min. boil time. This FG seems too high. What could have gone wrong?

Schedule? One pound of lactose? I don’t think that it’s too bad. Let it continue.

What are you measuring gravity with?

Mine went from 1.054-1.018

If this is the NB kit I highly suggest NOT using the whole addition of chocolate flavoring.

I have done this one a few times all are about the same as shr3dders results. The N.B. kit now comes with cocoa nibs rather then the flavoring. much better improvment I think

Since you OG was 1.064 and if you assume 75% attenuation with your yeast your FG should be about 1.016 but the lactose will add about 10-15 gravity points of unfermentable sugar in 5 gallon batch so a FG of 1.030 is exactly were it should be. Your beer is done. Just drink and enjoy.

Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t sure how much unfermentable sugar
the lactose would add. Sounds like we did ok with this one.

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