Chocolate Milk Stout Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

I have decided to make this beer. Does anyone know where I can get the ABV?



OG is 1.051. If that includes the lactose, you’ll probably end up with about a 4% beer. I’ve made this once and I remember it being fairly low in alcohol, but it was very tasty.



I have one of these arriving this week as well. Been curious about it and the La Petite Orange kit so when I saw the buy one, get one half off, I had to jump on it.

BTW…this is my first post on here but I have ordered from NB for over a year and been a member of Midwest forums for over a year. I typically brew 50-60 extract kits a year and keep around 20 cases bottled at all times.

Bottled Kama Citra this morning. Bottling Caribou Slobber next Monday. Just racked my Belgian Tripel 4 days ago.

You can load the recipe into Brewer’s Friend. It will calculate the expected OG, FG and ABV.