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Chipped growler

I just discovered that my favorite glass growler has several small chips around the opening. I found this the hard way when I cut the crap out of myself while cleaning it and dug a hunk of glass out of my finger.

Is there any possibility I could somehow polish the chipped area to make it safe to use again, or is it a goner? It actually seals okay still as near as I can tell, the chips are pretty small and the gasket is thick.

A few coats of nail polish might do the trick. Or build it up with some 2-part epoxy goo. There’s probably 100 different things you could try.

Must be a flip top or something?

A diamond or carbide round, ( “rat tail”) file might dress it up, and remove the sharp edge “stress risers” to help preclude any more cracks emanating from there.

Try a chain saw file…Gently!

Thanks guys, I’ll probably try an all the above approach. And yes, it is a filp top. I also have access to some diamond impregnated lapping paper that we use at work to polish optical fiber, may give that a go. :slight_smile:

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