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Chinook IPA (partial mash)

I’m working on a recipe for a Chinook IPA (partial mash). The NB Chinook IPA interested me. However, I like partial mashing and I wanted my brew to be higher in gravity than the kit provides.

This is my idea/modification. It’s pretty simple…

Chinook IPA Partial Mash

Target OG:1.065

4lbs - Rahr 2 Row Pale
6Ibs - NB Gold LME
1lb - Briess Caramel 40 L

60 min - 1oz Chinook
15 min - 1oz Chinook
1 min - 1oz Chinook
Dry hop -1oz Chinook

Wyeast 1056 American Ale

My main concern is the Chinooks. I’ve never used them. Is this too much to use?

I think thats a decent mount of crystal, something a little under 10% of fermentables. The crystal 40 will give you a caramel note that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Whats the IBUs on this beer? I’d want at least 40 IBU, 50 might be better with the residual sweetness of the crystal.

You get 42 IBUs from the 60 minute addition and 21 IBUs from the 15 minute addition. Personally, I would cut the bittering addition to .5 or .75 oz and add the other .25-.5 oz at 30 minutes.


Yeah, 1:1 OG/IBU is a little high for an IPA especially since Chinook bitterness is really brash. Then again, you’ll really find out what it has to offer at that level. I do like the idea of using 1/2oz at 60 and adding the 1/2oz to the 15min flavor addition.

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