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Chinook IPA -first batch challenge

Hello Northern Brewer Community,

I brewed my first batch, Chinook IPA, 13 days ago using the Essential Brew Starter Kit. Right after transferring the wort to the primary fermenter, I attempted to aerate it by rocking back and forth to splash for a few minutes, as instructed by the recipe. Unfortunately, the lid got stuck, and after trying to remove it gently, it cracked to the side. I added the yeast and continued the brewing process even though I was not sure whether it would turn out good, considering that the fermenter was not fully sealed. However, I added some tape where it cracked, trying to prevent any bacteria from getting in.
The fermentation began the next day and continued for about seven days; the temperature of the closet where I keep the fermenter has been between 68-73 degrees Fahrenheit.

On day 8, after not seeing any visible sign of fermentation, I took a gravity measurement, and it was 1.010. Thinking that the high temperature had accelerated the process, I added 1 oz of dry hops.
On day 12, I took another gravity measurement, and it’s still 1.010. Does it mean that the beer is ready to bottle?

Could dry hopping so early destroy the beer? It looks foamy at the surface l, but it tasted somewhat good.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regards,


No it’s perfectly alright to add the dry hops before fermentation is done actually it’s best. I’m sure the beer will be good. Sounds like your ready to bottle. Don’t use all the sugar that came in the kit use a priming calculator. Good luck


Welcome to the forum!
That’s typical of a beer fermented that warm. And you’re correct that it sped up the process. Search this forum for some ways to keep those temps in check, namely ‘swamp cooler.’
Since your gravity is steady you can bottle. However, in the future, make sure to give the beer enough time. After fermentation subsides the yeast will clean up after their party.
In regards to the lid, I would reach out to NB customer service. It shouldn’t have cracked so easily and so quickly. @NBCustomerService is tops.

Edit: Here is NB’s priming calc.. For current temp use the highest temp the beer reached as the warmer the solution the more CO2 will be released.


If they don’t take this bucket back maybe you can turn this bucket into your bottling bucket and use a new bucket (or the other bucket if you received 2) as your fermenter. Welcome to the forum @shishi_ale


Welcome to the forum @shishi_ale! There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the members that show up here. They’ve helped me greatly throughout the years and it looks like they have you on track to move forward as well. Your beer is going to be fine so I’ll suggest ordering another kit (shipping is a bit behind right now) and get the pipeline flowing. Take good notes and always ask questions! Good luck!


Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to help me.
After reading your advice, I proceed and bottle the beer. It’s been already two days and I cannot wait to try it. The bottling process was so much fun.

As far as the effective lid, I had contacted NB and they are going to send me another lid, plus a complimentary beer kit. NB customer service indeed is the best.


Glad to hear they took care of you, they have the best CS I’ve ever dealt with! The waiting game is hard to deal with in the beginning, as you brew more batches that anxiety goes away. For now, grab some commercial stuff (bottles to reuse) to help you relax until your beer is ready.

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