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Chinook IPA FG

Weird new situation for me -

I brewed Chinook IPA on 11/09, everything went according to plan, I had it wrapped up and sitting in my basement where the fermentometer read a constant 63F.

Racked it to secondary on 12/08 and moved it upstairs cos my basement was reading around 58F.

I figured it was done so I dry hopped on 12/09 and planned to bottle this week.

This morning before work I was bringing all my bottling stuff upstairs so I had a head start for bottling tonight and I noticed that it is bubbling every 10-15 seconds. Its currently at 67F.

I’ve been scouring the forum pages to see if this means that it is still fermenting or if maybe its gases coming off the hops or something - I’m worried if I leave the hops in there too long, they will become too strong.

Any advice here - its my first attempt at dry hopping. Of course I haven’t taken any gravity readings since the day I made it, but is there a ‘safe gravity’ that if I tested tonight and I hit it, then I would know that I’m OK to bottle?

Any help or slaps on the face appreciated

With that long primary you’[ve almost got to be done fermenting. My guess is the temp is warming a bit and some dissolved CO2 is escaping. The dry hops also cause some outgassing by providing plenty of places for a bubble to form. Since the dry hop have been in for over a week I’d bottle, or at the very least rack off the dry hops.

Tom Sawyer - Thanks for spurring me on. I checked FG and it came out at 1.011.
So its bottled now. Pretty crazy that as I racked it to the bottlling bucket and the level in the carboy got lower, I saw bubbles popping in carboy like crazy. Many homebrews later and the kitchen cleaned up - I’m a happy camper

Edited to correct drunken exuberence spelling and symantec mistakes :cheers:

I just bottled this tonight, and my gravity came in around 1.014 at 70 degrees F, including the priming sugar and some water to dissolve that. Looks like yours ended in the same ballpark, I think I fermented for a couple of weeks, then dry hopped for the past week.

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