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Chinook ipa extract kit

Within a month I plan on brewing the chinook ipa extract kit. I also realized I have a can of hme left from a mr beer kit I received in the past; Mexican cerveza. This can expires in 3 months and i hate to have it go to waste. Details below ... an_Cerveza

My question is it possible to use this with my chinook ipa kit?

What will happen?

Will it provide more food for the yeast and I get a higher abv?

What step would I add it to the process ? @40 minutes to get it well mixed in?

I am using s05 as my yeast.

I even thought about dry hopping with 1 oz of simco

Any info be appreciated,


It’s not going to add much to the beer you’re going to make other than a little boost in ABV. Even then it is a small amount and I wouldn’t worry about adding it.

If it were me, I would use this extract to make a yeast starter. You are using dry yeast so this isn’t needed but maybe you could save it and use it for a starter later.

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