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Chinook IPA 1 Gallon kit – Fast fermentation

Hi all! I am loving the NB 1 Gallon kits and just did the Chinook IPA this past Sunday. I pitched half the yeast packet (as best as I could tell) and as of now (4 days out) the airlock has stopped bubbling, the foam has subsided and I notice a lot more sediment on the bottom of the jug. I had planned to leave the brew in the fermenter for at least two weeks to ensure max fermentation, but seeing as there is not much activity should I bottle sooner? I would welcome your advice!


I would let it keep going for a little while, the last thing you want is your bottles to blow from too much pressure. Do you happen to have a hydrometer or refractometer? If so, you may want to use that to gauge your fermentation rate, the airlock can be misleading.

The Chinook IPA is a great beer, I hope it comes out well for you!

I agree, leave it alone. Three to four weeks won’t hurt a bit. What was your fermentation temp.?

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