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Chinook Extract Kit - When to Dry Hop

It’s been sitting in the primary for 3 weeks tomorrow and I plan on bottling after 4 weeks. I was planning on dry hopping tomorrow and let it sit for 7 more days before bottling. Is this a good approach?

This was the timeline for my Chinook:
2 weeks of primary, then transferred to secondary and dry-hopped immediately
12 days of secondary, then bottled and let condition 1 week

Cracked the first one open last night and drank two more because it was carbed and tasted pretty good! A little dry/thin for my preferences, but the hops aroma was excellent right after pouring and the hops flavor was close to what you’d expect from an IPA (probably not enough for a true hop head, but I suspect that’s an issue of quantity, not timeline).

Mostly, I’ve read that fresh is better for IPAs, especially when dry hopping is involved, so I think with 3 weeks of primary, a week-long dry hopping followed by a week of bottle conditioning would be perfect.

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