Chinnok IPA OG

I brewed my first batch of beer today, the Chinnok IPA. My OG reading is 1.042 and the instructions say 1.053. Should I be concerned or did I screw something up? I thought things went smooth and expected it to turn out fine. I checked and the Hydrometer with water is 1.000, so is working right

Was your IPA an all grain brew or partial boil extract? If it was a partial boil extract with top off water in the fermentor I would not worry. It is difficult to completely mix the wort from the boil kettle with the top off water even with prolonged aeration. If you have used all of the recipe fermentables and filled the fermentor to the recipe volume your OG will be the recipe OG. The yeast will take care of the mixing when the fermentation begins.

Fill your fermentors with measured amounts of water to add gallon marks or check the volume increments if the fermentor is factory marked if this is a concern. One less worry when you are just starting brewing.

It was a malt extract, not all grain. fermenting has started so hope all is good. thanks for the piece of mind