Chillzilla - garden hose connection

OK… I just got a Chillzilla counterflow chiller. I’ve had another, garden hose type counterflow chiller. On that one, it had a female connection at the bottom, and a male connection at the top. The Chillzilla I got has two male connections, top and bottom. What is the sense in that? Did I get a “defective” Chillzilla? I’m a little confused about this. Can I get a male to female conversion fitting for my hose? I guess I didn’t see this prior to ordering it, otherwise I would have asked a couple of questions before I ordered it.

I would go to the hardware store and buy the appropriate quick connect fittings ... ck+connect

All you need is a female to female garden hose connector, they’re available at most home stores.

Thanks, Glug Master… that’s what I was looking for. Hopefully, my local Lowes has that connector.