Chest Freezer

I was looking into fermentation temperature control, and was just curious as to what size freezers people are generally using. I have never had more than one batch actively fermenting, but try to do a batch almost weekly. That said, I don’t see having to put more than two buckets into this thing.

I recently acquired an upright freezer, the type with the cooling coils built into the shelves… I had a few choice words for my wife, who accepted it from a friend(thought it was a doorstop with the shelves); however, I was able to carefully bend a few of the shelves out of the way with two vice grips. I subsequently hooked it up to an analog temp. override control(Johnson) and I now have a lagering fridge… sorry honey :oops:

Holds temps nicely within 2 degrees. I currently have a pre-prohibition lager going in it. I do a batch every two weeks, and am stoked with this new addition to my capabilities. I highly recommend looking into a temp controlled setup, no matter how, in order to further refine your valuable beverage output!!! :cheers:

I just went through the same process, I was looking for used so I was a bit flexable on size but I still wanted to conserve space, in reality it would be doubtful I would be fermetning 3 or 4 beers at a time. I found a 7 cu ft and I can easily fit a single 6.5 gallon bucket and with a bit of modification I could fit two. I say modification because I would have to build some type of shelf that would extend the compresor hump and there isn’t enough room on the floor for 2 buckets. I am glad I found a 7 cu ft because it is only a few inches wider than the 5 cu ft and I don’t think you could fit two buckets in the 5.

I was leaning toward 7 CU Ft

I have a 7cu ft chest freezer from Menards that I recently bought for around 150 dollars. It just fits 2 6 gallons carboys diagonally, with room on the hump for blowoff tubs, bottles, etc. Very nice cheap freezer.

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