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Chest Freezer Question

I tried to use the search function to find the answer to my questions but I couldnt seem to find it so here goes.

I recently purchased a new chest freezer with a digital temp controller to keep my fermenting temperature more consistent. I am fermenting 2 ales right now I have it set at 65 degrees with a 2 degree differential is that too high? I have the probe sitting next to the carboy as close as possible but I am still reading that the temp on the carboy is around 69-70 degrees. I know that during fermentation the carboy will heat up a little bit but I guess I didnt know that much.

I guess my questions are 1) what temp should I keep my chest freezer at and 2) I have read that some people tap the probe to the carboy, is that a good idea?


tape it to the carboy and insulate it with a spare piece of styrofoam. Just about every ale I start in the low 60’s (ferment temp) and raise up to 70* a few degrees per day after 3-4 days.

Not sure what type of fermenter you use but I use a Bubbler with a BrewHauler. i just loosen the brewhauler a little bit and slip a piece of styrofoam in there so its flush with the side of the carboy. The piece of styrofoam has a small groove I’ve hollowed out just big enough to fit the temp probe in.

Another alternative is a thermowell but I’ve heard quite a few mixed reviews on these as some peoples temp probes won’t fit in the well causing them to have to file it down.

awesome, thanks for the good info guys, I do have hauler with straps I can loosen so I will try that trick for sure with some styrofoam.



When I had a setup like that, bubble wrap and duct tape to the fermenter.

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