Chest freezer for fermenting and cold crashing

I would like to know if the brewers who use chest freezers for cold crashing or fermenting unplug them when not in use. I been to a few appliance stores and get different answers to my question. I want to buy a 7cu ft chest freezer, but when not in use, unplug it instead of running it all the time. One guy said it will trash the compressor, another said it will rust the lines,another said just keep the lid open to keep it dry. What would you suggest?

Have had mine for 5 years now with no issues and always keep it plugged in.

I have a chest freezer for fermenting wth a temp controller in my basement. I always leave it plugged in even though it’s not empty much! When it was empty, i turned the temp up to room temp so it doesn’t keep running. Also keep a mini dehumidifier & baking soda in there. So far so good! Good luck! :cheers:

these are great for controlling humidity. Tried the Damp-rid stuff for awhile, but it gets kind of nasty. ... u=12934624

can’t speak to the condenser issue. Have only had my chest freezer (bought second hand) a year ago and unplug it when not using. I will say that my mom has a deep freezer that she regularly unplugs in seasons when she’s not using it. Though this thing is a 1980’s energy-guzzler!

“Rust the lines”?

There should be ZERO moisture in the lines at ALL times, whether running or idle!