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Chest Freezer Fermenter Mold

Okay, I finally got a chest freezer and a johnson controller and fermented my first batch at a nice cool 62 F. Everything went perfectly.

However, I tried to keg today, and when I got my fermenter out, it had a bunch of mold on it. Ew.

I suppose I know what I need to do–just make sure things are clean before I put them in there, but…

Are there any other tips you all may have for keeping a chest freezer fermenter mold-free? :oops:

I use disposable DampRid in my keg cooler to keep moisture under control:

They’re like 2 or 3 bucks at the dollar store.

i also use damprid and also use a squirt bottle of clorox every so often.

I had this happen a few batches ago. I spray everything down with star san before and after storage and the mold has not come back. I used industrial mold cleaner to rid the inital issue.

Definitely try the DampRid first. I had horrible mess of the furries after I let my chest freezer sit at 60 for a while. I use two of the DampRid containers in my 7cuft freezer, and I haven’t had a problem since.

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