Chest freezer and big mouth bubbler

So , summer is creeping in here in central florida( today is a gorgeous 74* though) I am shopping for a chest freezer. With tape measurer in hand I stop by Home Depot to check the depth of the freezers. They are about 25.5 inches deep. The issue is I have the big mouth bubbler started kit with the air lock is about 27 inches tall. I have the 3 piece air lock on order… And it looks like it will sit lower In the bung. Im Very interested in hearing the experiences of the gang. Thanks for your help !!!

Adding a collar constructed with 2X lumber will raise the lid of the chest freezer to give you extra height for your fermentors.

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I have a 7.1 cu ft freezer from lowes, it can fit my 6.5 gal glass BMB with either airlock, no problem, plus a second bucket. The 7.1 was the smallest that could hold 2 fermenters. But maybe not 2 BMBs, I only have one of them, the rest are plastic buckets and better bottles.

@flars is right, Northern Brewer has a great How to build a Keezer video that walks through the process.

The freezer I use one bucket with airlock fits fine the other bucket i have to use s blow off tube. The last couple times I have fermented with no airlock. I just spray some foil and paper towel and lay it over the hole it works fine.

Anybody have any experience with this: ?

If it won’t fit in the freezer with an airlock then use a blow off hose. keep it simple. You don’t need a collar for fermentation and it just makes it harder to lift full carboys in and out.

I have one, it works fine. The silicone is very slick when wet, so it needs to be dry to keep it in a carboy.
Also, I pulled the center out to clean, and it’s a turd to get back in.