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Cherry Wheat advice, please

I brewed a wheat beer this morning. I did a BiAB with 5 lbs of 2 row, 3.5 lbs of wheat and 8 oz of malto-dextrin. Since it was a BiAB, I tried to compensate for the efficiency loss and tossed in about a pound of DME. My target gravity was low 1.050’s with the DME. The OG ended up being 1.060ish. I plan on putting in 6 lbs of cherries in the secondary. My question is will the gravity of the brew after adding the cherries be way over the top? I do not want to taste alcohol in this beer (I brewed it for the ladies). I have two ways I can go - 1) Leave it alone as a wheat beer or 2) Throw caution to the wind and add the cherries to the secondary. What experience do you folks have in this situation?

1/2 gallon of water will drop your gravity 5-7 points, if you are at 5 gallons.

If you keep it as it is, you should not “taste” the alcohol any more than any other beer.

Thanks, NH. Damn the torpedos and add a drink of water.

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