Cherry puree

i have used the cherry puree - 1 - 3 lb. can for a couple of porters and ales. but i was looking for a more pronounced taste without being all cherry - will 2 cans do it? or will it be too much?

I may just try it and see but hate to waste a batch. I am curious as to if others have used 2 cans and how it turned out. ale or porter…

I would do it the same way as you have been, but also add a pound of frozen-then-thawed cherries to a covered container and cover with vodka. Do this on brewday and give it a shake any time you walk by it. When you get to packaging you can supplement the (fermented) cherry flavor with fresh cherry flavor with your homemade tincture. The tincture should be pretty potent, so you will probably end up just using a few ml’s per bottle, or if you keg, just a few ounces.

I’ve used two cans in a oud bruin with Roselare.

Pietro’s method would be a way to fit your taste without sacrificing 5 gals.

You can pull small samples and add a measured dose of the tincture to each, then scale up the one you like.
We did this last week adding apple-cherry concentrate to cider.

Another idea is to brew a 2.5 gal batch and add 1 can.

Thanks - i may just try one with 2 cans and see how it is.

I love my fruit beer. I have a cellar full. Cherry chocolate stout . Belgian cherry stouts. Black n blue stout and raspberry porter. I find that most time I use two cans or six pounds of puree. Add puree to secondary and rack beer on top don’t mix. A week will give you good flavor light fruit taste. Two weeks will give you moderate fruit. Three weeks will give you a more full fruit flavor. The longer you leave your beer on the puree the more pronounced the fruit flavor will be.