Cherry Black Currant Apple?

I’m not sure if this question belongs in wine, cider, or mead, but anyway… Here’s a list of ingredients…

Apple Cider
Black Currants (dried like raisins)
Tart cherry extract
Wildflower honey
German hops
Med. toast oak cubes

(All the above is all natural, no preservatives, etc. of course) These are a bunch of ingredients I have left from various things (they’re all plenty fresh though) and I was wondering if you think I could combine these into a wine/cyser/melomel mead? I know the hops is probably the strangest, but I’ve seen mead recipes with hops and I listed them here simply because I wanted to list all I had. If I were to use them I may just make a tea out of them and then steep the currants to extract their flavors but then again if that sounds too ridiculous I may forego the hops altogether. So, do you think hopped currant-cherry-apple-mead/wine aged with oak is just too much going on? Just trying to make the most out of what I have! :lol:

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

Personally I think hops have no business in cider or mead, I’d leave them out. But hey, it’s your fermentation! Sounds like you’ll get very interesting results no matter which ingredients you end up using or not. I wouldn’t mind tasting some.

I think I’m going to agree with you on the hops… I thought it sounded odd but I’ve seen recipes use it. Thanks so much for your input! I appreciate it!