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Cherrie brewing

Me thinking about a cherrie beer . Again but did look at recipy online . Is it that easy to brew . Only the secondary add of cherries takes two months . Think once got some grains in gonna brew one . The grains should be on the way to the island

Same here, thinking about brewing one of these down the road. Comes down to fresh cherries,purée, or juice. Also whether to sour or not. I have a bunch of tart cherry juice/concentrate left over from a trip to Traverse City, Michigan.

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I was gonna do a sweet cherry stout for Christmas…. Oh geez, winter holiday I mean, but would pasteurize the stout once fermented and conditioned, then to add like Dr. McGillicudys sweet cherry schnapps… Santa Suds!, oh geez Winter Holiday Suds… WHEW almost got in trouble there. Sneezles61


I see what you did there!! You’ll probably get coal in your stocking, er, Winter Holiday Sock!




Did look at the recipy kind of simple to brew only one kind of hops . Right in the beginning of the brew . The 60min mark . Why only one kind of hops . Now me afraid that the 10 lbs of cherries will be to much flav wise can i add more hops during the boil . For example 30 min into the boil a other pack of hallertou hops . ?? Me dont like that much fruit flav to beer . But my wife likes it so she was asking

I suspect that the hops are to balance the malt sweetness so it won’t git in the way of the cherries. And do think that the sweetness, some peeps think of when they think of cherries, will be gone. You will have plain old cherry, somewhat tart flavor. Sneezles61

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Plan to brew next week do hope . But me a idiot should had bought the cherries when they did had them in the store . But did look at the price one box cherries . 3$ need 8lbs plan to use 8 boxes equals to 8 lbs and one liter of cherrie unsweeted juice

HOLY MOLY !!! Sneezles61

Yes thats try to hold off me not a cheapass but the price pfff

What recipe are you using?

Tart cherrie blond ale. Batch size 5 gal og 1.066 fg 1.010 ibu 25 . Abv 7.3% ingredients . 1 lbs belgian cara pills . 6 lbs drylight malt extract. hops 1 or 2 oz hallertau. 1 tbs irish moss. yeast kveik or wyeast belgian strong ale . 10 lbs frozen cherries . Total boil time 60 min . Not sure if i do all grain if so. 10lbs of 2row basemalt . This replaces the extract . Transfer after two week to second add cherries . Total time before ready about 2 months

Sounds delicious! Not sure if you can get it, but I’ve had good luck with using tart cherry juice, too. Added benefit is not losing so much beer to the fruit.

Gonna use frozen cherries and 1 liter juice me day of gonna be on the quest for juice . Or other wise a client will bring from usa but confused . Only one type of hops . In the beginning of the boil at the 60min start .

As Sneezles alluded to, the cherries are the star here, and the hops are a balancing thing only. I’d only do a 60 minute thing, with minimal or no aroma or flavor additions…

Today did buy frozen cherries. And. Cherrie paste brew plan next week

Finally getting around to brewing a cherry something, leaning toward a cherry saison vs a cherry wheat…anyone do a cherry saison?
Thinking 2 row, malted wheat, and sugar to boost abv, magnum for bittering, sterling for aroma. Not sure what yeast yet . Ideas?
When to add cherry concentrate(tart)?

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Me still working on a recipi. Its in my head. Not on paper yet

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I did do a cherry saison sour with 3711. 60% wheat 15% pilsner 15% Munich. 1.5 lb cherries. The sourness hid the saison esters though. I’m going to try it again unsoured


I’m sipping on a sour cherry porter right now. Really digging it. Easy on the roasted malts, pitched some lacto and minimal hops, fermented out with s-04. Added a bit of brett in secondary, then aged it on 1#/gallon tart cherries for about a year. Nice rich body with some nice tartness, with the cherries blending into the background. Has a distinct dried cherry flavor.

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