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Checking back in after move

Hey guys. Been gone for 4-5 months after selling our house and relocating. I had just gotten through my first 4 all grain batches when I had to pack everything up. Thank god for a deep inventory of kegs and varieties I had brewed.

I just got all the essentials set up so I can start brewing again. Got some hops growing, so life is good. NEED TO BREW!

Anyway, wanted to check in and say hello and hope I can start contributing and learning from this place again!

Alan aka 560sdl

Hope the move went well! Happy brewing to you! :cheers:

Welcome back.

I feel for you. We bought a house at the beginning of April, but I haven’t brewed for about four months. I kicked my last keg a month ago. Commercial beer is getting expensive. Planning on brewing next Monday. Welcome back. Mike

Thanks guys. I started a starter last night. From 6 month old harvested yeast. Hope it works cause I want to brew this weekend

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