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Checking a sack of grain on an airline

Any tried checking a sack of malt when flying? I’m heading to MN to visit family and thought I’d be able to check out NB and buy a sack or two. I get free checked bags, which I rarely use, so I thought, hey, free shipping!

Then I pictured myself showing up at the Delta counter with two sacks of grain to check, and thought that might be a bit weird. Any one done it?

I think the per bag weight limit might ruin it for you.

Just mail them to yourself it would be cheaper.

Check bag weight limit is 50lbs, which is the weight of a sack. I get free checked bags, so it’s definitely the less expensive way to go. I’m just worried about them ripping the sack, so that may be why I don’t.

Not sure exactly how big the sack will be, but you might be able to wrap it in one of those impenetrable ikea bags (~$1, mini construction dumpster) to keep them from tearing it.

I would definitely want to wrap them in something. A friend of mine was a baggage handler and I heard lots of stories about things going awry. But I would call Delta; I’d hate to get to the airport and have to figure out what to do with 100# of grain when they wouldn’t check the bags.

Can you conceal it in a normal traveling bag? It would add some durability, make it easier to carry and the authorities will be less likely to profile you :cheers:

Just hope they don’t think it’s a bag of pipe bomb fertilizer. :shock:

I would imagine that would be an odd day at the airport. You should post a pic of yourself entering the airport with the sacks.

As long as the scale is right and your grain bag is 50lbs including the sack. I think you have a nonzero chance of being a few ounces over and a slightly smaller chance of having the gate attendant give you a hard time about it.

I’ve often checks boxes and plastic totes on airlines. That’s what I’d recommend. Buy a plastic container, fill it up, tape it up, and check it. Then you won’t have to worry about the bag ripping on the conveyor belt or whatever. Maybe leave a few pounds behind (or mail them separately) to make sure you stay under the weight limit.

+1 - This is what I was thinking. Put a few pounds in gallon ziploc bags in your other luggage, then pack the rest in a tote, suitcase, etc. Sometimes the airlines are cool about you being a couple pounds over on their scale, and other times they make you shuffle stuff around to get all your bags to be under the limit. I’ve definitely had my dirty underwear out on the airport floor more times than I’d like just trying to get a couple pounds out of a bag so I could check it.

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