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Check Valve

I am setting up my first keg system, and I’ve seen some posts about putting a check valve on the reg. Is this necessary. I’ve been looking around and haven’t been able to find a 1/4 inch valve.Also is brass ok to use on the gas manifold? Thanks

I would absolutely include a check valve. It prevents backflow of beer into your regulator should beer get into the co2 line. If you buy a regulator with a shutoff on it, they almost always include a check in the shutoff. The same goes for CO2 manifolds. Include a check for each keg/co2 shutoff. When no check valves are present in a manifold and you drop pressure in one keg (dispensing), pressure also drops in the other kegs. This means that CO2 from the other kegs flow into the dispensed keg. No big deal right? Maybe not huge, but you can get flavor transfer from one keg to another via CO2. An extreme example of mine is having beer and root beer CO2 split with a wye adapter. Root beer flavored beer is not tasty.

When purchasing, read the descriptions to make sure shutoffs have check valves. or you can blow through them to find out if you’re not sure.

Brass is fine for CO2

Thanks, Your post is very helpful.

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