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Check Valve on Beer Line?

Is there any reason for a check valve on the beer line? …actually do they even exist?

Far as I know it doesn’t exist and isn’t needed.

many of the shutoff valves that come with your kegging kit has check valves built into them. Check valves are neccesary they prevent beer From backing up into your regulator.

I think he is talking about the beer out line not the gas line which does need it.

my bad chuck your right. Guess I should read a little bit closer to the details, oops.

I’m sure you could plumb one in, but it would be useless. Just another spot for crap to build up.

My thoughts on the check valve is that is maintains the keg as a separate sanitary environment. I feel as though the beer line is a week link compared to the keg.

Just my thoughts

I don’t think your assessment is correct.

If I understand the operation correctly, the check valve closes when pressure tries to go the wrong direction. Gas or liquid. As long as there is positive pressure in the correct direction the valve will be open.

Bacteria would be able to migrate through the valve as it is open.

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