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Changing the IBUs

Does only the amount of early addition hops change the final IBUs? Thought I read that very late addition hops only impact aroma. As always, thanks for all the great info.

Any hop addition during the boil will raise the IBUs. Early additions have a bigger effect on IBU and bitterness. Later additions have a lesser effect on IBUs and add aroma and flavor.

But then there’s actual bitterness from high IBU’s and perceived bitterness from heavy late hop additions. That’s a whole nother story.

Thanks, that is what I thought. So if I’m going for a hoppy aroma and smell then I’m better to cut back on the hops at the start of my boil and add more hops very late in the boil and/or I should dry hop.

Yes, but be careful with heavy late additions. It’s called hop bursting. You can google it and read about it. I like the idea, but I’ve made a few beers with heavy late hop additions and am not very happy with the results. They seem to have a strong hop bite to them. Not sure how to describe it. Maybe an astringent taste. It mellows with time, but I’m going back to normal hop additions from now on. Personally, IMO there’s nothing better for big hop aroma and flavor then a big dryhop. I dryhop my IPA’s and APA’s with at least 2oz of hops. But I keep pushing that amount up and up.

What type of beer are you shooting for?

Im want to mimic an IPA or APA with a big hop aroma/taste but not too bitter. I like the Red Hook IPA aroma and the aroma of Torpedo as well. I was thinking of dry hopping for a week with 1 oz of Chinook. Maybe I should up that to 2 oz or dry hop for longer than 1 week?

1 week seems to be standard. I did dry hop my last APA for 2 weeks only because I didn’t have time to keg after the first week. It was fine after 2 weeks. And yes, personally, I would dry hop with at least 2oz of hops if you’re looking for big hop aroma and flavor.

Hop schedule for my last APA. It came out very good. Big hop flavor!

All Cascade hops. Pellet for boil additions. Whole hops for dry hopping.
42 IBU
1oz 60min
1oz 15min
1oz 10min
1oz 5min
1oz 1min
2oz Dry hop 14 days

Mild bitterness, but nice big Cascade flavor and aroma. One of my favorite home brews to date.

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