Changing extract used in the black IPA recipe

I recently brewed a scaled down version of the black ipa kit. It was a 2.5 gallon batch. It turned out well and I was happy with it. I was just thinking how much would it change the beer if I used 3 pounds of the gold malt LME for the late addition, instead of the dark LME. Or used all gold malt and no dark LME at all. I think it would be more of a brown ale if I used no dark at all ,I would get the dark color from the steeping grains. If I were going to brew this again it would be another 2.5 gallon batch. Look foward to hearing your opinons, and if you have something simular to this that you have brewed using just gold malt extract share your recipe. Thanks again.

No replies yet so I looked at the recipe. Changing the extract to lighter color will lighten the color some but I don’t think all that much due to the dark grains in the kit. You still will have something close to an IPA with the amount of hops though. Can’t imagine it being anything but a tasty beer. I would brew it just to see how it turns out. Might be your new favorite beer.