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Changing beer lines,etc

I have a tap with a barbed fitting in a fridge.

It’s been sitting there for a while and the tap has been getting stickier and stickier so now it’s really stuck. There must be some beer left in the tap somewhere it it got sticky. It’s bee 9 months since I kegged my beer.

i was probably going to try to change my beer lines when I clean everything since I think it’s all gunked up. How do I get the hose off of the barb? Dryer or something?

Is there an easier way than the barb? Can I convert the barb to a quick disconnect somehow?
If so, are good or better than barbs?


You could try heating it up like you said but I would just cut the line off right at the disconnect with a razor blade or some scissors then you should be able to get the small remaining piece off of the barb, slicing it with the blade again if need be. Going forward you can buy disconnects with an MFL connection instead of a barb, and use a barbed swivel nut to connect them to your beer line.

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