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Change the beer's mouthfeel

So i just brewed the NB Chocolate Milk Stout, my 4th recipe kit overall.
Each recipe kit seems to have the same mouth feel. I feel like it’s very thin and weak every time.

I’ve had stouts in the past, both home brew and commercially brewed, that had a thicker more syrupy mouthfeel. Which i honestly prefer with a stout.

Nothing to do with all the yadda yadda “Guinness is a meal beer” no… I just feel like the mouthfeel in my homebrews is weak.

any ideas?

Extract I assume? You could try adding more lactose.

Also did you use dry or liquid yeast?

Switching to a less attenuating yeast could get you where you’re going.

Maybe steep(or mash if not extract) some flaked oats

yea, extract. I used their kit as directed except for the cocao nibs. i soaked them in about 1 1/2 C of bourbon and poured the whole thing into fermentation after a week of soaking.

what would the extra lactose change? just the sugar content? and then the overall sweetness?

Lactose isn’t fermentable by beer yeast nor does it really have a huge perceptible sweetness. It would raise your final gravity a bit more and contribute more mouthfeel

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Brewing this beer with Windsor Ale yeast will give you more mouth feel. Windsor is a low attenuating yeast. The FG would be about 1.018. I brewed a Caribou Slobber with this yeast. Finished at 1.019. Too thick and sweet to drink. Finished the Slobber off with a 500 ml vitality starter of WY 1056. FG of 1.011.

Thin beer can be the result of too much volume in the fermentor. Are your fermentors accurately marked for volume? Factory marks are often not correct.

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i’ll need to try the yeast trick next time.
I honestly hadn’t checked the fermenter b/c the Big Mouth Bubbler has imprinted markings on the side… I assumed i could trust them…
fool me twice maybe.

Check the markings and perhaps for a stout like this only have 4.5 gallons in the fermentor.

Or try This malto dextrin.

It will boost body.

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I forgot that I had used maltodextrin to fix a thin dry Irish stout. The stout finished at 1.006 and seemed thin in body. I boiled some maltodextrin and added a little to each glass before pouring.

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