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Change of yeast for porter?

I’ll be brewing the Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter Partial Mash soon. First time brewing this one. The recommended yeasts are US-05, Omega West Coast Ale 1, or WY 1056. I have harvested WY 1056 on hand so of the three that would be my choice. A dry Irish stout fermented with the harvested WY 1056 had an FG of 1.006. Very light in body with the low FG. I had added some maltodextrin to each glass to increase the body.

What do you think of brewing this porter with WY 1332 to finish at about 1.012 with a partial mash temperature of about 154°F. Would there be some ester production that would not go well with a porter? I’ve just harvested some from a Caribou Slobber.

1332 was originally a british strain before it became a “northwest ale” strain. I’d say go for it! Porter + UK strain = win.

A porter with a really low FG doesn’t sound too pleasant.

I second the English strain. I us 04 with nice results. I just used wy1968 in a esb that had some nice esters I may try that in a Porter. And yes do your mash at 154 or even 156 which is what I shoot for and let it bleed down to 154. I’m happy with the body I get

For reference sake, I brewed this back in October 2014 with 1056. I did not do a starter. It was my second ever attempt at a partial mash before I got into AG so take that for what it’s worth. My OG was 1.065 and my FG was 1.019. It’s a delicious beer, I should try it again now that I have more experience under my belt and see how it changes.


p.s. Out of curiosity, I realize this is a partial mash recipe, what would you reccomend subbing in grain-wise for the 6lbs of Wheat LME if I wanted to try this AG instead of Partial mash? According to the description the LME is 65% wheat and 35% pale and to replace 6 lbs of LME I should need 8 lbs of grain at 75% efficiency. Something like 5.6 lbs white wheat and 2.4 lbs pale 2-row or am I oversimplifying and missing something?

Thank you for all the advice. I’ll use the WY 1332 and go for an initial mash in temp of 156°F to keep the FG up.

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Good choice Frank. I’ve done porters with 1272 and they don’t have the body or mouth feel I like though were very clean good beers. More like a schwarzbier to be honest.

1968 or 1469 make a great porter also

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