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Chainbreaker White IPA clone help

A few friends really like this beer so I’m going to brew an AG batch for a summer party. The Brewery lists the ingredients but not the amounts (one section says they also use Citra hops but they are not listed in the clone recipe). Anyone know this beer? Anyone willing to take a stab at amounts?

For the grains I was thinking about 70% Pilsner Malt, 25% Wheat Malt and 5% Flaked Wheat. Prob throw in some Rice Hulls.

Thanks ... -ipa-clone

I don’t know much of anything, but comparing it to this recipe: … Saison.pdf

I would say you need 9-10lbs. of grain total to achieve the OG of 1.056-1.057 with similar weight percentages.

With Belgian Ale yeast and those hops, wouldn’t this be a Belgian IPA ? Or is White IPA not really defined?

Also: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=108619#p964521

With Belgian Ale yeast and those hops, wouldn’t this be a Belgian IPA ? Or is White IPA not really defined?[/quote]
It’s basically a witbier that’s been hopped up. I’d definitely use a witbier yeast.

I was thinking of something like this with my standard wit grain bill, which is 50% pils, 50% wheat. I’d use Bravo to bitter and a blend of Centennial and Cascade late, like 15,10 and 5.

If you are using wheat malt, consider upping the %age up to 50-60%. I think if you are using unmalted/flaked wheat, you could go lower.

If you want the real thing, check out the Jul/Aug 2012 issue of Zymurgy. Recipe provided by a Deschutes brewer. Pages 4-45.

Because I’m just such a swell guy:

From the issue above (I will eat my words I guess on my flaked wheat rec above!):

for 5G:

OG: 1.057
IBU: 55
SRM: 4-6
ABV: 5.75

6.5# pilsner
2.25# wheat malt
23oz white unmalted wheat flakes
5ml lactic acid

.75oz Bravo pellets (15% AA) - 60 min
5oz dextrose (30 min)
Kettle fining of choice
.12oz fresh ground coriander (5min)
.34oz fresh ground bitter orange peel (5min)
1oz citra (flameout)
1oz centennial (flameout)
1oz cascade (flameout)

step mash
125* 15 minutes
125* 15 minutes
163* 20 minutes
172* 5 minutes

60 min boil

Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity Ale Yeast (what the what?)

Ferment at 66* for 2 days, raise to 74* until fermentation complete
Cold crash to 42*

I’m not sure why they do that multi-step mash with mostly malted grains in the grist. I also can’t believe this beer doesn’t have dry hops. I would also drop that bitter curacao orange nonsense and use fresh zested. And probably move those 5 min additions to flameout.

Happy brewin!

Has anyone out there tried the recipe from Zymurgy? I’m really anxious to try it out but would love to hear some feedback first!

Pietro - Thanks for the Zymurgy info.

I’m going to finally brew this tomorrow, probably with a couple of tweaks. This will be one of the beers I serve on July 4th - (for those who won’t drink anything that isn’t light colored).

I do have a couple follow-up questions.

The Zymurgy notes above call for a step mash at 125* for 15 mins and then 125* for another 15 mins. Is that a typo? Isn’t that 125* for 30 mins?

I’ve never used lactic acid (but have never had a water profile ordered either). I have Lake Michigan water from the northern burbs and it is pretty soft. Any thoughts/ advice?

I’ve also never used dextrose. Assume that it will just ramp up the alcohol a bit. Assume using some of the extra bag of priming sugar I’ve got laying about will work.

I probably won’t have time for a starter. Will that be a problem if i use the Wyeast 3738 High Gravity for this 1.057 beer?

As always, thanks very much. This forum and the people on it are a great resource.

The second step is 145 for 15 minutes. But I highly recommend skipping the multi-step mash and just following your normal procedure (mashing between 150 and 156), incorporating the protein rest at 125 if you want to.

I’ll defer to others on the acid question, but I would not acidify my water blindly. Add to your to-do list: send water sample to Ward labs and download a copy of Bru’n Water :wink:

Yes, the sugar will raise your OG and dry out the beer a little.

Yeast strain is not a factor in deciding whether to make a starter. It’s about pitching the right number of yeast to ensure a healthy fermentation that’s free of off-flavors. If you’re brewing tomorrow, you can make your starter tonight. If you’re not doing a starter, Mr Malty recommends 2.3 smack packs (assuming package date of one month ago). Personally I would not cut corners here.

If you’re on Chicago water, you can get full reports here ... ports.html

I found quarterly reports at some point. That has quarterly, but you have to wait for the year end report to see it, so the most recent is December 2012.

Thanks much for the follow-up info. I’m not brewing until tomorrow and I’ve got a starter going. I don’t doubt Mr Malty or your experienced advice. I’ve only been brewing for a few years. What I guess I don’t like is a smack pack where the manufacturer says one pack will work for 5 gals of up to 1.06 OG but to make a good beer it sounds like I need twice as many yeast cells.

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