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Cereal mashing and the mash

I plan on using corn as an adjunct for the first time and my LHBS was out of flaked corn and I picked up some corn grits at the supermarket instead.

I have been looking into information on cereal mashing and have brought myself up to speed i believe on how to do the actual cereal mash. My question is, once the cereal mash is done, can it be added to the main mash at the end of the mash or does it have to be added earlier? I assume the purpose of the cereal mash is to get the enzymes of your base to convert the starches during the cereal mash. My concern with adding it back too early would be the elevation in the main main temp. Adding it towards the end would minimze the effect of the temp increase. Any input/technique advice is welcome. Thanks

The cereal should be added at the beginning of the mash. Of course you will need to monitor temperature to ensure you hit the right spot. You can make sure you have a little boiling or cold water on hand as necessary to help hit the right temp.

Thanks, I guess adding it at the beginning will make it easier to hit the temps and keep the volumes accurate.

AFAIK the traditional method would be to bring the cereal mash up to a boil while the bulk of the mash is undergoing a beta-amylase rest (145-149°F). Then add the cereal mash, using it like a decoction to raise the full-volume mash for an alpha-amylase rest (154-158°F). Of course, that assumes that you want to mash for high fermentability, but if you’re using adjuncts that’s a pretty safe bet.

Thanks for post. I am trying my first go around with a cream ale and it is also my first cereal mash. I am planning on a fairly highly fermentable wort.

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