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Cellaring Surly Smoke?

I am a few weeks away from bottling the Surly Smoke clone made from Northern Brewer’s kit. Is that beer a good candidate for cellar aging? I was unsure due to the fact that it had gone through the lagering process, and generally lagers are not good cellaring candidates. Those to whom I give it are unlikely to want to drink it now given that it is more of a fall or winter beer, so wanted to give them that option.

Taste test! Hold out a bunch of them and drink one each month to see how they age. If it starts to get bad drink the rest with friends.

Also, I don’t buy into the seasonal beers. I would totally drink one of those or an RIS in July. Yes there beers that are more appropriate for certain seasons but good beer is good beer and one big one when it’s hot out is doable to me. Worse case scenario, save it for a bonfire night when it gets cooler.

Thank you!

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