Cellaring--from the Master Vintner Blog

Cellaring: it’s one of the things that folks making their own wine have trouble with. It’s not easy to build up a good cellar of home-made wine. If you’re like most home winemakers you will always be drinking the last bottle of your batch just as it’s finally perfectly aged. How do you stay ahead of the curve, and build up some nicely aged bottles to show off to friends and family.

The first thing you need to do is to figure out how much wine you use. (Note: I never ask people how much wine they drink, because heck, I don’t want people to know how much I drink. I don’t even take my wine bottles to recycling in case the sanitation workers think I’m a lush!)

Your use will include your daily glasses with dinner, weekend dinner parties, friends dropping by, birthdays, anniversaries, the holiday weekend, house warming presents, your thirsty brother-in-law, etc. Let’s say that comes to about three bottles per week, all together. Split it up as per your preference for red and white and don’t forget pink, dessert, and champagne as well . . .

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