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CDA/Black IPA recipe advice

My new plan is to put together a CDA/Black IPA recipe. i have some extra gold malt syrup from NB sitting around so the plan is to do a partial mash. advice/criticism is appreciated.

3 lbs. 2 row
1 lbs. uk/english chocolate
1 lbs. carafa III
6 lbs. gold LME
1 lbs. light DME
3 oz cascade @ 60 min.
1 oz willamette @ 15 min.
safale us-05 harvested and washed from 2 brews that im bottling/kegging tomorrow…planning to use mr. malty guidelines for ml of slurry.

 this will be a 3 gallon boil, 5.25 gallon batch, estimated OG of 1.072. i am still new to this art, and i dont know much about grain or hops; advice on adjusting either is welcome. im sure i could substitute the 3 oz of bittering hops for an ounce of something else, though i want to use local hops being from WA. as for the grain, i really have no idea. these grains are listed on some recipes that suit the style. thanks for your input. 

 i will likely do a dry hop with 2 oz of cascade/willamette or an oz of both.

That’s alot of chocolate malt, it’ll taste pretty chocolatey.
Either cut it back to 1/4 # or skip the chocolate malt altogether.
You’ll probably want some dark crystal malt in there, maybe 1/2 # of english medium (75*)
The goal is to get more hops in towards the end of the boil for hoppy beers,
So, if it helps, you sorta make your hopping schedule " backwards ", starting from 0 minutes left in the boil,
0 min 1 oz Cascade
5 min 1 oz Cascade
10 min 1 oz Willamette
60 min 1 oz Cascade

I have no idea what your AA #s are, or your OG, this is just an example.
Do you use any online recipe calculator to help you nail down hopping times and gravities?

I added cacao nibs to my NB Black IPA. Scott old chap, have you tried it yet?

I use 12 ounces ( some times a bit more) of caraffa in a three gallon batch of schwarz bier and that makes it plenty black. A pound of it and a pound of chocolate may be a bit of overkill.

I agree. That’s almost too much chocolate. I used special B in the black IIPA in my primary right now, and I almost over-did it with the amount. So I you’re going for a black IPA you’ll want a good amount of bittering hops and a whole lot toasted the end for flavor an that hop-forward aroma. Maybe a couple oz of something. Cascade is good. Willamette is good too. I would use maybe 2 oz of chinook or magnum at the first add. Give it that high alpha taste.

For my black IPA, I add a whole bunch of rye as well as summit hops.

yeah, im still open to suggestions, im considering just ordering the extract kit from NB. at the same time i want to do an AG batch…which could be done by my making a mashtun easily out of a cooler, or just BIAB style. @ Scott - chocolatey = chocolate or bitterness? chocolate isnt bad IMO. some crystal 70 or + might be in order. i just want to make sure its black in color you know. im confused as to your suggestions regarding hopping…as i understand it bittering hops are added at 0=45 minutes to the end of the 60 minute boil. anything added with only 15 minutes or less is mostly going to add flavor and aroma. possibly a slight bitterness, but not much. i used brewer’s friend . com recipe calculator to narrow down the gravities, but ive noticed it not right on, close, but not right on.

@ wrclancy - Rye…i love rye, you just inspired me to re do this whole recipe… a black RyePA.

The carafa is good for a CDA recipe, but all that chocolate is not. The carafa will add a ton of darkness, but won’t be too astringent. All that chocolate malt will make your beer astringent which shouldn’t be in a CDA. I would cut the chocolate back to just a few ounces if any at all and add 1/2 to 1lb of a light/medium crystal. Maybe C40?
And I’d use an ounce or so of a clean high AA hop like Magnum or something with some flavor like Galena or Nugget. I’d split the 3oz of Cascade hops to three late additions of 1oz each. Maybe 15, 10, 5min. No need to waste all that great cascade flavor/aroma as a bittering hop. That’s just wasteful :lol:

As for proportion of Carafa and Chocolate malts, my last effort used about .4lb of each per 5gal batch, and that was plenty. I can’t imagine a pound of each in a 5 gallon recipe, so be cautious. Not saying it won’t make a drinkable beer, but it is a bigger percentage than most recipes I’ve seen.

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